Monday, October 1, 2007

Odpust in Oshawa

One of the oldest parishes in our Eparchy is the parish of the Protection of the Theotokos in Oshawa. This parish was established due to the initial sacrifices of Fr. Michael Rusnak, CSsR (later bishop Michael) and 38 families in 1952. The church itself was built during the year 1955 and dedicated by Most Reverend Isidore (Borecky) from Toronto.

Throughout the years it become a custom to gather here on first Sunday after the feast of the Protection on October 1st. However, this year it was a little change in the date in order to have our hierarch, bishop John attending.

Our Oshawa folks are always attending our major eparchial pilgrimages in Hamilton, and Toronto, and now, it was their turn to welcome guests at their odpust.

Parish is currently served by Fr. Stephen Williams.

We wish our parishioners in Oshawa many more odpusts to come!

Photo credits: Mary Snell - Siroky.

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