Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale

The Christmas Bazaar and bake sale, held on Sunday, November 16, 2008 at the Nativity of the Mother of God Church, 257 Shaw St, Toronto, were a great success. The event started at 10 am with the English/Slovak liturgy celebrated by H.E. Bishop John. Fr. Andrew Kormanik, the pastor, concelebrated.
Following the liturgy, some 80 parishioners and guests gathered in the hall below and were excitedly waiting for lunch. The wonderful aroma from the kitchen did not make it easy! There was lots and lots of pastry for sale, some knedle, pies, even some cheese spread. Of course, the ladies made cabbage rolls and pirohy as well, however, those were sold by orders placed in advance. Raffle tickets were also sold. Unbelievable number of gifts were donated - 44 in all. When everyone finished their shopping, Bishop John said grace. Lunch was served by the members of Ladies' Guild. Oh, and how wonderful it was! They prepared tasty goulash poured over slices of knedliky, served with a side order of salad and delicious rye bread for anyone wishing to have some. As a tribute to the cooks, several guests went up for seconds! I heard one guest say: "This goulash is like the one my mom used to make. I have not had any since she died. I wish I could get it more often."
After lunch, slices of black forest cake and coffee were placed on the serving table and guests were asked to help themselves. While guests were savouring coffee and dessert, the raffle draw started. There were about 33 happy winners. As you can see, the number of winners did not match the number of prizes: that's because some people won more than once! Bishop John and Fr. Andrew were also among the winners. Everyone had a great time, the Ladies' Guild raised some much needed money and we all went home happy. So, to the ladies, who prepared, cooked, served and cleaned up afterwards: "You did an awesome job. Thank you."
Submitted by Mary Siroky-Snell

More photos from the day:

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