Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shaw Street Odpust

Sunday, September 12, 2010 was a very special day at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God on Shaw St in Toronto. Even though the clouds were threatening, the day was perfect in every way. Members of the Women's Auxiliary arrived early in the morning to make sure the food and the hall was prepared. Guests and parishioners began gathering well in advance of the liturgy. At exactly 1pm, the procession of cross bearer, clergy, novices & Bishop John Pazak, C.Ss.R., entered the church and moved to the front while parishioners and guests sang “Vosel jesi, Archijereju – You have entered, Most Holy Bishop”. Following the blessing from Bishop John with dikirion & trikirion to the four corners of the world, Fr. Andrew began the liturgy at the altar. Fr. Mucha (Hamilton), Fr. Girhiny (Burlington) and Fr. Williams (Oshawa) surrounded Bishop John as he sat in front of the tetrapod. They all joined Fr. Andrew at the altar following the small entrance. The clergy were later joined by Fr. Rybansky (Mississauga). Homilies were given by Bishop John in English and Fr. Mucha in Slovak. The liturgy was in English for the first half and Slovak for the second half. It was so wonderful to see the church almost full. At the end of the liturgy, the faithful received anointing (myrovanie) and all were invited to the parish hall for a delicious meal. The program began with the intermediate dancers from Vychodna Dance Group. They performed 2 dances: Taky som ja parobocok & Karicky. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm from the young dancers. All this is possible thanks to the dedication of parents, grandparents, instructors and of course, the willingness of the young people. Delicious meal and “out of this world” baking prepared by members of the Women's Auxiliary and parishioners followed. Guests at the head table were introduced and a warm welcome was extended to special guests: Fr. Ray, assistant novice master (Edmonton), Fr. Gary, novice director (St. Louis) and 6 novices: Ashford (St. Lucia), Son (Vietnam), Peter (Scotland), Calvin (Dominica) and David and Anthony (both from New York). These guests were from International Novitiate for the Redemptorists in Toronto – Perpetual Help Residence.

The Feast Day of the Nativity of the Mother of God also marks the priestly anniversary of bot
h our pastor, Fr. Andrew Kormanik and Fr. John Girhiny. This year, they celebrated their 35th anniversary of priesthood. To honour this day, Madeline Tubaro, a young parishioner, presented Fr. Andrew with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and her brother, William Tubaro presented flowers to Fr. Girhiny. “Mnohaja lit” was sung to both. Fr. Williams extended an invitation to the odpust in Oshawa, October 3rd, Fr. Girhiny thanked everyone for remembering the anniversaries, Bishop reminded all catholic school board supporters to make sure they know who they are voting in this fall and MC thanked everyone for their help right from cleaning, organizing, cooking and baking. Without all the help, this event would not have been possible. “Mnohaja lit” was also sung for the kitchen staff. At the conclusion of the celebration, MC reminded all that if we want to have our churches filled we need to recognize, listen to, cooperate, communicate with and especially encourage the younger generation to join in our liturgies and special events. As an example, she used the Pilgrimage in Uniontown, PA, where young people participated in every liturgy and every procession, including the beautiful singing of Marian hymns, Christmas carols and other church songs long into the night.

Mary Siroky - Snell

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Photo courtesy: Peter Snell and Andrew Kormanik Jr

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