Sunday, May 27, 2007

Odpust in Welland

Welland parish has seen many odpusts throughout their history. In late fifties was their odpust also an place of priestly ordination of already departed Fr. Alan Borsuk ordained by late Isidore Borecky. Even today is the odpust visited by our hierarch, Most. Rev. John Stephen Pazak, CSsR. Present pastor is Fr. John Girhiny assisted by his wife, Valerie-Dawn. For parishioners is their odpust always a joyous moment, reminding them the gifts God is giving us each day.

Same joy happened also this year 2007, when bishop Pazak visited this smallest, but sil vivid community of our Eparchy. May the Lord God grant to all his faithful in Welland many happy and blessed years!

Photo credits: Valerie-Dawn Girhiny

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