Saturday, December 6, 2008

St. Nicholas in Windsor

Even despite freezing and snow in Windsor, we were able to meet and celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas, Saturday evening, December 6th at 5.00 PM in the church of St. Michael, where there was special social held after the liturgy and mirovanije in the hall under the church edifice. While Fr. Martin Vavrak celebrated the liturgy, St. Nicholas went to hall to left some goodies for everyone, including four children present. Others are probably already grown up, or maybe were too shy to come, who knows? Everyone, who came to celebrate together St. Nicholas, had wonderful time and unspeakable atmosphere, especially when singing the song „O kto, kto, Nikolaja ľubiť.“ We keep on singing this song many times during the evening refreshments and distributing the gifts. We hope to have more participants next year, including more children and youth. This was one of the petitions addressed to St. Nicholas.

Fr. Martin Vavrak,
Photo: Pani Anka Vavrak

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