Sunday, November 8, 2009

Odpust in Windsor

Sunday, November 8th 2009 indeed marked a special day in the history of Greek Catholics in Canada, as Windsor parish of St. Michael celebrated its 55th parish feast day. One special plaque in the church reminds us even today the very first celebration with the date November 7th 1954 under the spiritual guidance of the late Fr. Krafcik, CSsR; and today, after 55 years it was Fr. Martin Vavrak and his wife, pani Anka Vavrak, together with parish president George Szeman and parishioners of St. Michael, who prepared the “odpust”, and welcomed bishop John and all the guests. Hierarchical liturgy started at 1:00 PM on Sunday, the actual feast of St. Michael and all the heavenly hosts. Procession entered the church, while our cantors, parishioners and guests solemnly sung. “You have entered” filled the whole church. Flu virus and other duties contributed to the fact, that at the beginning of the liturgy, only our eparchial bishop, together with the local pastor were present at the altar. Later on, Fr. Layos Angyal, Hungarian Greek Catholic priest, with his wife, pani Kathy, joined the liturgy. Fr. Angyal and his wife have been ministering in Windsor for almost 20 years. Solemn homily was delivered by vladyka Jan (Pazak), CSsR in English, followed by Fr. Martin Vavrak’s homily in Slovak. Majority of the guests were from Windsor itself and from the immediate areas; it was nice to see quite a lot of people from the Slovak Roman Catholic parish of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, but also traditional guests from Detroit and other places in Michigan in USA, headed by cantor Mr. Nick Nagrant with his wife Marianne and son Michael, several families from Ontario, including Mrs. Mary Snell and Mrs. Siroky from Toronto. Hierarchical liturgy was concluded with singing of the “Many years” and anointing with the oil (mirovanie), followed by a banquet. Delicious food and fun, that also included traditional raffle with almost 50 prizes was provided and financially supported by Dr. Joe Stasko with his family. Parish president, Mr. George Szeman helped as usually with his word as Master of Ceremonies, leading the event and also helping financially. Highlight of the evening was the humour and singing of national and folk songs by best friends, who were also celebrating their names day, Mr. Michal Bural and Mr. Michal Kvolek. They have been performing for our pleasure for 55 years! On occasion of its jubilee of two “fives” we congratulate and wish our parish Gods help and blessings.

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