Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blessing of the Msgr. Sinal Memorial Hall

On the Eve of the Annunciation, we were very happy to celebrate the blessing of our freshly renovated Msgr. Sinal Memorial Hall. It has been a long journey, but thanks to the generosity of Bishop John Pazak, we were not only able to keep the church open and the parishoperational, but we have a beautiful new hall as well.

The afternoon began with Bishop John Pazak serving the Divine Liturgy along with Deacon Peter Filipowich, Fr. Andrew Kormanik, Fr. Ron Comeau, and Fr. Stephen Williams. We were also privileged to have the assistance of the Knights of Columbus Sheptytsky Assembly 1730: Faithful Navigator Sir Knight Walter Martyniw and Sir Knight David Boyko.

The liturgy was followed by the blessing of the hall and a fantastic reception organized by Lucia Williams. The meats, cheeses, crackers, breads, watermelon fruit-baskets filled with fruit salad,
and scrumptious baking provided by Lucia was a true feast fitting for the occasion. We are also grateful to Mary Kampu, Gertrude Dano, Margaret Dvorsky, and Angela Pavlisko who also generously contributed their baking talents and Keith and Melanie Harshorn-Walton who brought the veggie platter.

Finally, we are grateful to all our friends from the Slovak eparchy and all our visitors who sang heartily, ate healthily and contributed generously. We are blessed to have such a church family.

Fr. Stephen Williams

Photos by Stephen and Lucia Williams

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