Sunday, August 10, 1986

Blessing of bells

Feastday of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord in 1986 was highlighted by solemn blessing of bells. August 10th, the crowd gathered to witness the blessing of bells conducted by Roman Catholic Cardinal Carter of Toronto. Bells were cast in France by famous company Paccard and their weight was of 37 000, 21 000 and 13 000 pounds respectively. Their were named in honour of St. Stephen, St. Anne and prophet Daniel; and they actually represent the biggest bell trio in the world. February 13th 1986 bishop Michael wrote a letter to the famous Mother Theresa of Calcutta inviting her to the ceremony. She answered him, that even though she would not come, she will remember that event in her prayers. Many Slovaks and other faithful helped with expenses for the bells, and list of donors was regularly published in the Maria magazine.

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